6 Steps Taken During a Dental Exam and Cleaning

6 Steps Taken During a Dental Exam and Cleaning

March 1, 2021

Most people visit dentists only when they have a dental problem, which should not be the case. Whether you have a dental problem or not you should have dental checkups twice a year. You can book an appointment at Westbay Dental’s official website for a dental exam and dental cleaning. A dental check-up and cleaning are necessary to avoid dental problems such as tooth decay, gum disease which may cause future complications.

A dental cleaning is a procedure performed by a dental hygienist or a dental professional to keep teeth and gums clean. It is a simple and painless process that takes 30 to 60 minutes. Adhering to dental check-ups and cleaning can help you stop a dental problem before it evens starts.

Importance of a Dental Exam and Cleaning

  • Dental cleaning and exam are essential in preventive dentistry as it focuses on minimization and prevention of oral health issues.
  • Early monitoring of your oral health can identify any existing issue with your overall health.
  • Detection of early cavities
  • Removal of plague by use of high technology tools
  • A dental exam can point to issues such as oral cancer, gum disease, or other dental problems.
  • It can save you financial trouble as early detection of dental problems can prevent future complications.

Dental Exam and Cleaning Procedure

Good oral health care and hygiene give you a brighter and attractive smile, besides keeping the rest of your body healthy. A lot of people have raised this question does a dental exam include cleaning? A dental exam is the first step and very essential during dental cleaning. These steps have been explained below in detail:

  1. A thorough physical exam

This is the most essential step done before cleaning. At our dental exam and cleaning near you, our dentist will use a small convex mirror to check your gums and teeth. This will establish any dental problem such as tartar, plaque, inflamed gums, or dark spots around teeth. A dental exam covers all the following:

  • Looking for loose teeth, broken and cracked tooth
  • Evaluating gums to identify if there is any sign of gum disease
  • Assessing your health tongue
  • Investigating any damage to fillings
  • Inspection of any cosmetic dentistry appliance that you may have
  1. Removal of plaque and tartar

Using the small mirror to guide them, Dr. Alka Tiwary uses a tool called a scaler to remove plaque and tartar within the gum line and between the teeth. The process will have a scraping sound which is irritating but not painful. The more the tartar builds up the more the scrapping. It is, therefore, advisable to floss and brush daily to avoid excessive scraping. Tartar can only be removed by our emergency dentist in Tampa, at 33635.

  1. Cleaning using toothpaste

After the tartar and plaque removal process is done, our dentist uses a high-powered electronic brush to deep clean and remove any tartar that may have remained. The toothpaste is like the normal ones but with a gritty consistent. You can choose any flavor that you are comfortable

  1. Expert or professional flossing

Expert flossing is a very essential step even though you regularly floss at home. an expert flossing goes deep into your teeth and removes ant tartar, plague, or toothpaste debris. It can also locate any potential threat sores that may cause the gums to bleed. The fluid contains fluoride that strengthens the enamel.

  1. Rinsing

Your dentist will give you a rinse that contains fluoride to clean your mouth and remove any debris.

  1. Fluoride Treatment

This is the last step of the cleaning process, fluoride treatment serves to protect your teeth against cavities for some time. They are a different flavor of gel that your doctor will ask you to choose from. Your hygienist will place a paste or gel-like mouth-covering paste on your mouth and let it rest for a minute. Fluoride varnish is also applied to your teeth with a brush to strengthen your enamel. Your dentist will advise you to drink or eat immediately after it to hardened.

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