Can Your Gums Sustain Damage from Mouthguard Use?

Can Your Gums Sustain Damage from Mouthguard Use?

April 4, 2023

Have you received a recommendation to wear mouthguards and are concerned the appliance might cause damage to your teeth and gums? You are not alone in expressing concerns because many people think similarly.

Mouthguards are often recommended for people grinding and clenching their teeth when sleeping. These dental appliances also help to protect your tooth enamel from long-term damage.

Mouthguards are commonly used by sports persons involved in contact sports to protect their teeth from impacts on their mouths or jaw. Unfortunately, these devices are not without their problems. Therefore using them as directed by the dentist near you and cleaning them correctly is essential to protect your oral health.

The Dangers of Using Mouthguards

Besides involvement in contact sporting activities, mouthguards are also fabricated to treat problems like bruxism that result in teeth grinding and clenching. Unfortunately, mouthguards are not a one-stop solution for your oral health.

Before using mouthguards, you must brush your teeth before wearing the device. You must also ensure that the mouthguard is clean before placement in your mouth. This is because mouthguards can harbor bacteria responsible for gum disease.

Mouth Guard Rubbing Gums

If you use a customized mouthguard created by the dentist in Tampa, the device helps protect your gums from damage. However, if you use an ill-fitting mouthguard purchased over-the-counter and need to follow instructions on maintaining it (which are never provided by OTC appliances), your gums might sustain damage.

Many people who dislike visiting the dental office in Tampa consider wearing cheap and affordable over-the-counter mouthguards that prove cheap but expensive because they are designed to fit everyone but fit no one. They offer some protection against sporting activities but are inappropriate for bruxism because their bulkiness makes it challenging to breathe when wearing them.

Additionally, OTC mouthguards are uncomfortable and hard and can irritate the gums by rubbing against them and making them vulnerable to infections. Many young athletes use the boil and bite mouthguards when playing contact sports. Although they are better than the stock mouthguards and serve as a trial for bruxism before getting a custom mouthguard in Tampa, FL, they are not an ideal option.

The ideal mouthguard near you is one custom created by a dentist, offering more comfort and gentleness on your gums. Custom-created mouthguards need an upfront investment but prove affordable in the long run because they don’t burden you with infections or injuries to your gums. In addition, they enable you to breathe comfortably and speak with them in your mouth. You may need refitting every year, but a customized appliance is worth the expenditure because it provides a delicate device that treats your mouth similarly.

How to Care for Your Investment?

Caring for your customized mouthguard from the Tampa dentist is the best way to protect your investment. Dr. Eric Boe suggests you clean your mouthguard between every use by simply rinsing it with mouthwash before wearing it. Besides cleaning the appliance daily, the doctor recommends regularly cleaning the mouthguard with warm soapy water. However, you must exercise caution not to scrub the device vigorously for fear of damaging or creating scratches comfortable for mouth bacteria to remain trapped. However, you must ensure the appliance is clean before wearing it over your teeth.

Dental Checkups

The ADA recommends dental exams and cleanings for everyone every six months. However, people suffering from bruxism may need more frequent dental exams, especially if they wear mouthguards as protective devices over their teeth. Therefore, you must wear the mouthguard and ensure it covers all your teeth and receive regular exams to verify your bite is not shifting from an ill-fitting mouthguard.

Mouthguards also need dental checkups during routine visits to ensure they fit correctly and do not damage the gums. Getting dental cleanings by seeing a hygienist also helps ensure the gums are in optimal shape.

Prevention is better than any treatment concerning matters related to your dental health. Corrective dental treatment is unaffordable besides being painful. If you possess dental insurance, you will notice that your provider covers two dental visits yearly, in line with the ADAs recommendation. It indicates you don’t have to spend money when visiting the doctor for a routine exam and cleaning, taking your mouthguard with you to benefit from getting the mouthguard examined.

Westbay Dental in Tampa, FL, provides customized mouthguards to deal with problems like bruxism or impacts on your mouth from sporting activities. Consult them today instead of investing in OTC mouthguards to ensure your teeth and gums don’t sustain damage from accidental or sporting activities and maintain your health.

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