How Can We Reduce the Pain of Root Canal?

How Can We Reduce the Pain of Root Canal?

June 1, 2022

A root canal is an important dental procedure for removing infected pulp from inside your tooth. This dental procedure is recommended when you have a damaged tooth, and having a root canal done removes the need of getting dental implants and bridges.

When you go for root canal treatment in Tampa, FL, the first thing that comes to your mind is whether the procedure will be painful or not. Unfortunately, due to the nature of this surgical treatment, many patients imagine a very painful procedure. So let us look at how we can reduce the pain of the root canal.

Root Canal Procedure

The root canal process is a fairly simple treatment. After you visit the periodontist near you, they will clean and numb the area they are working on. Next, the dentist in Tampa will inject the tooth’s root and gums with a numbing agent. After the agent kicks in, the dentist will place a dental dam in your mouth. The dental dam separates the tooth that requires a root canal by covering other teeth in the mouth.

The next step is placing a filling in the root canals. The canals are first shaped using tiny equipment.

Gutta-percha is used to fill the canals. The gutta-percha, which is rubber-like, is then placed in the canals and heated. To fit against the walls, the endodontist has to compress it. Adhesive cement is then applied to seal the canals. Sealing the canals properly is imperative in keeping bacteria at bay.

The hole made during the procedure is also sealed. This prevents the entry of germs and bacteria. A post can also be used to offer support for the canal. This is necessary if your tooth is severely damaged.

After the procedure, the dentist will give you some antibiotics. Antibiotics are important in killing any bacteria left in the tooth. There are also guidelines the dentist gives you to follow.

Take note that feeling pain or discomfort after the treatment is normal. This might last for a few days. Inquire from the dentist near you which over the counter painkillers will work best for your pain.

How to Lessen Pain After Root Canal Treatment?

The first tip for reducing pain after root canal treatment is by taking the antibiotics prescribed by Dr. Birch. The teeth that required a root canal in the first place were painful before the treatment. After the treatment, it is advisable to take antibiotics to help in the healing process.

If you experience pain after the treatment, taking anti-inflammatory medication will help significantly. Your periodontal fibers become inflamed after the treatment, and the anti-inflammatory drugs help reduce the irritation that causes the fibers to swell. Ibuprofen is one of the medications you can take to relieve the discomfort caused by inflamed periodontal fibers.

It is important that you stay away from hard, spicy, and crunchy foods. This is because the area where the root canal was done becomes tender, and eating crunchy food may damage the tooth. What’s more, spicy and hard foods can irritate the wound. As a result, the pain can be immense. When this happens, you should visit the emergency dentist in Tampa so that they can relieve you of pain and treat any wound that can form due to eating hard foods.

Twelve hours after the root canal procedure, it is recommended that you use a saltwater solution. Mix one tablespoon of salt in warm water. After mixing the salt in water, gargle it in your mouth for one minute. The saltwater is important as it reduces swelling, soothes the irritated and inflamed gums, and reduces bacterial growth in the treatment area. You should gargle salt water three to four times a day. Do this till the discomfort and the pain reduces.

When you experience some discomfort after root canal treatment, a cold compress can help. Place a cold washcloth or ice pack on the cheek where the root canal was performed. The cold helps reduce inflammation and pain. Let the ice pack cool on your cheek for about five minutes. If the pain persists after trying this process repeatedly, then it is time to visit Westbay Dental, and we will have a look at your teeth and relief you of the discomfort.

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