How Cosmetic Dentistry Changes Your Smile and Beauty

How Cosmetic Dentistry Changes Your Smile and Beauty

April 1, 2021

Cosmetic dentistry procedure refers to any dental work that can improve the appearance of teeth and gums. It mainly focuses on improving the color, position, shape, size, alignment, and overall smile appearance of teeth aesthetics. Dentists in Tampa will help you with procedures that best suit your desired dental appearance.

The Transformative Power of Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

  • A porcelain bridge fills the awkward gap in your smile

Tooth extraction can be embarrassing, especially when there are gaps in the smile of others. Porcelain bridges are ideal for filling this gap, with Dr. Alka Tiwary giving you a natural appearance and helping to occlude properly.

Porcelain bridges are semi-permanent, allowing your dentist to remove and replace them as needed. However, they are still a long-term cosmetic solution and a common alternative to the most expensive dental implants.

  • Composite bonding can quickly repair a problematic tooth

Composite bonding is just like veneer, but it is cheaper and often only involves specific problem points instead of the entire smile. If your teeth are cracked, broken, or otherwise damaged, bonding may be an option when crowns are not required.

Bonding is also great for covering individual teeth that have experienced permanent discoloration or deep stains. If there is a gap between your two teeth that you want to fix, you can see our dentist in Tampa, FL, 33635, for expert compound bonding. The composite bonding effect looks very natural and can quickly repair small defects.

  • The ceramic veneer can give you a complete smile makeover

Veneers have developed since the use of a single piece of white chiclet teeth. Since then, the veneer has come a long way. Modern porcelain veneers can completely change your smile in ways you might not realize.

The veneer can hide deep stains, misaligned teeth, debris, cracks, deformed teeth, etc. They are used only over healthy teeth and are customized to the color of one’s preference to give you that desired smile.

  • Dental fillings make your teeth naturally white

All new fillings you acquire will be tooth-colored, but if you have old silver fillings, you will be glad to find out that you can get rid of them.

Replacing old silver fillings with tooth-colored materials is easy and may actually be beneficial because here at Westbay Dental, we’ll be able to assess whether the teeth are still healthy. It’s not uncommon for old silver fillers to malfunction or become loose, so it’s common to replace them with new fillers.

How Cosmetic Dentistry Affects Your Beauty and Smile

  • Makes you feel and look young

The main objective of cosmetic dental procedures is to make you look younger over time by treating the changes in your smile brought about with older age. Cosmetic dentistry treats these aging patterns, thus reducing aging and giving you that younger smile.

In a sense, a beautiful smile is a bit like a mini makeover. Lifting the corner of the mouth can naturally smooth the entire face, including the cheeks and neck.

  • Professional whitening allows you to get immediate results

Professional cosmetic dentistry is as easy as looking at your teeth. This is actually one of the fastest and easiest ways to increase your self-confidence. The bright white smile looks amazing, even if your teeth are not picture-perfect.

The key here is to find professional teeth whitening methods and avoid the DIY route because the do-it-yourself plan is not as effective and may cause sensitivity problems. With professional whitening care in the office or at home, you can add more to your smile.

  • A good smile improves relationships

A good smile is infectious. Your beautiful smile can illuminate the entire room and help others feel good about themselves and about you. A good smile has also been proven to help you appear more trustworthy and amiable.

In your career and family life, smiling can help you succeed by being confident about your appearance, which helps you build good relationships.

  • A smile eases your mood

A smile releases endorphin, which makes people feel happier and more positive. A study by Scientific American found that facial expressions such as smiles can improve a person’s mood and increase positive thoughts.

Next time you feel a little blue, visit our cosmetic dentistry clinic for cosmetic procedure beauty treatments, and we will make the changes you require that will make you feel better!

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