Precautions to Take after Getting Dental Implants

Precautions to Take after Getting Dental Implants

March 1, 2022

You accept your dentist’s proposal to receive dental implants to replace your missing teeth by undergoing a surgical process. Even though you may be scared about surgery and the placement of the dental implants, you might express surprise at how you experience minimal discomfort later.


The dental office near you prepares well beforehand using technological advances to make the implant placement a straightforward procedure. Your implant dentist conducts thorough examinations of your mouth by taking x-rays and CT scans of your jaw to assess the condition of your jawbone. Technological advances help the dentist plan how and where to place the implants during your treatment.


After you have scheduled your appointment for implant placement, you might be concerned about the surgical process and focus on it. However, it helps you think about the immediate and long-term after-care of your implanted teeth.


After getting dental implants in Tampa, FL, you are responsible for practicing excellent oral hygiene daily to keep your implants in optimal health. You must make every effort to avoid oral problems by keeping your mouth healthy and avoiding complications. It also includes regular visits to your dentist and hygienist. The oral health foundation states that if you look after your implants carefully and have adequate healthy jawbone, you can expect the placements to last for several years.


The Tampa dentist provides after-care instructions explaining how to care for your mouth immediately after implant placement. Some tips are available in this article on what to expect after dental implant placement and how to keep the implants and your mouth healthy.


Before Getting Implant Placements


You may or may not want to take time off work but will help yourself by resting for a couple of days as a precautionary measure after getting dental implants. Try to avoid major social events or work commitments for some days after the treatment.


The level of dental anxiety you experience and the anesthesia you receive during the surgery determines whether you need help to return home after implant placement. For example, if you receive local anesthesia, you may not find it challenging to drive back home yourself. However, if the dentist provided sedation, you need help and make arrangements for the return trip home after your surgery.


After Dental Implant Surgery


You can experience minor bleeding from the surgical site, which is expected. Dr. Birch recommends you bite down firmly on a gauze pad for about 3 to 4 hours and gently remove it thereafter. If the bleeding doesn’t subside, you can use the bag over the extraction site for around 30 minutes.


Expect some swelling on your cheeks soon after dental implant surgery. The swelling is also expected and is easily manageable by using ice packs soon after the surgery. The swelling may persist for two to three days, but there is no reason for you to fear because the home remedy helps you overcome the challenge.


You might experience minor pain after getting dental implants. Your dentist recommends that you take your first dose of prescription painkillers before the numbing medication wears off and continue the medications regularly according to the dosage recommended for a couple of days. The pain may persist for about a week before it subsides. However, if you run out of medications from your dentist, you can either contact them or purchase over-the-counter painkillers for relief.


Foods and Beverages


You must avoid hot, hard, and spicy foods on the day of your surgery and exist on lukewarm and cold foods. You must wait until the anesthesia wears off before trying to eat; otherwise, you can bite your cheeks and lips to require treatment from the emergency dentist in Tampa for the injuries. You must avoid smoking and alcohol as they can delay your healing process and even result in implant failure.


Oral Hygiene


If you want to succeed with implant placement surgery, you must maintain good oral hygiene. Saltwater rinses are also recommended from the day after the surgery and are best used four to 5 times after meals. However, exercise caution when using mouthwash and avoid vigorous swishing. Your dentist might recommend brushing your teeth and the healing implants right away but exercise caution around the surgical site.


Long-Term Care


After your implant placements have healed along with the surrounding gums and you have your artificial tooth, you must continue caring for the implanted teeth and your natural teeth appropriately with excellent practices to ensure your gums are healthy. You must not allow plaque deposits to accumulate around them. Dental plaque is the leading cause of gum disease, which results in implant failure because it weakens the jawbone. Therefore you must keep your teeth and gums healthy by getting frequent dental exams and cleanings from Westbay Dental, where you had the dental implants placed.

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