Why Emergency Dental Appointments are Vital

Why Emergency Dental Appointments are Vital

February 1, 2021

Mostly when people get to an emergency dentist, it’s due to severe toothache. An injury to the teeth and gums can cause severe oral pain, leading to serious problems if ignored. This is in the case where nerves and blood vessels are infected.

Tooth injuries can occur at any time, in any activity. You can knock your tooth or teeth off while doing a recreational activity or during sports. You can also suffer an inconvenience when a dental filling or crown falls off or if a toothache prevents you from having a comfortable sleep.

These are some of the dental emergencies which need prompt emergency appointments. Dental Arts Westbay provides emergency dental services to alleviate oral pain. They also help to minimize the chances of further infection in the case of tooth decay.

Who is an Emergency Dentist?

You might be hearing of emergency dental treatment but don’t know who emergency dentists are. An emergency dentist is a general or dental specialist who can provide immediate treatment whenever called upon.

These specialists have received separate training from the general dentists. They use special dental tools for treating immediate problems, mainly from accidental damage. If you break your tooth at 4 a.m, or you lose a dental filling while feasting your favorite streak at dinner, emergency dentists in Tampa will help.

It’s best to call an emergency dentist before applying anything to your aching teeth. If you cannot get into physical contact with one near you, at least make a call for professional guidance.

Reasons to see an emergency dentist

Seek emergency dental treatment for any of the following reasons.

    • Broken or knocked-out teeth

A sternly broken tooth can cause too much pain to prevent you from functioning. A permanent tooth that’s bashed out will bleed all around. If left unattended, the symptoms can make you feel miserable. At the worst, you could even lose your teeth.

If you continue delaying, the fix could involve more invasiveness and be costlier.

    • Missing Dental Prosthesis

If you have a crown or tooth filling, you will know immediately when it falls off—those who have had it report to feel a strange metallic taste in your mouth.

Never ignore such symptoms. This strange taste could indicate that your crown or filling slipped out unknowingly, and you need to see the dentist in Tampa immediately. Waiting for too long could lead to a more invasive treatment through procedures like a root canal.

    • A Toothache Out of Nowhere

You are chilling, and suddenly, your mouth starts aching. You may have bitten down too hard or don’t know what’s amiss. All you know is that your teeth are burning.

While unexplained toothache can develop from many reasons, don’t torture yourself through the pain. Do not wait for a few days to see if the pain subsides or until you can get to a dental office in the regular working hours.

Immediately contact Dr. Alka Tiwary and schedule an emergency appointment.

    • Bleeding Gums

It’s normal for your gums to bleed when you have gum disease or plaque. You most likely will be working with your dentist to strengthen the gums and alleviate underlying dental issues.

However, you need to worry if your healthy gums unstoppably start bleeding. It even causes more fear if it comes with swelling or pain. Do not wait until your local dental office is open. Seek immediate dental treatment from the Westbay Dental emergency room.

    • Abscessed Teeth

Sometimes, you might fail to know that you have abscessed teeth. The most apparent symptom of abscessed teeth is a thrilling amount of pain. With an abscess, you will find it painful to talk, breathe, drink and eat as anything that touches your teeth is unbearably painful.

Do not suffer through the weekend waiting for Monday or Tuesday for your nearest dental office to open. Make an emergency tooth appointment and have your teeth treated to reduce the pain.

    • Exposed Nerves

Just as an abscess, exposed nerves can cause excruciating pain. It can be problematic to go about your evening or weekend with an exposed nerve.

With both abscesses and exposed nerves, you need to be alert if the pain abruptly stops. It doesn’t mean that the tooth is cured. It could indicate extreme damage on the nerve, so you no longer feel a thing. That’s a problem.

    • Swollen Mouth and Jaw

The swelling of the mouth and jaw is not normal. Bumps can occur for various reasons, like swollen lymph nodes or infection in your mouth. Only in rare cases is it a cancer symptom.

Since the reason is not always clear, it’s crucial to have an emergency dental appointment.

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