Dental Bonding

Over time, teeth tend to get worn, damaged, or discolored due to our habits and natural reasons. Worn down, chipped, or damaged teeth can lead to a host of aesthetic and functional defects resulting in many problems.

Our trained dentist near you provides dental bonding for patients interested in getting non-invasive, simple treatment to correct minor flaws.


Dental bonding at Westbay Dental helps conceal imperfections and is used to address a number of issues. The material used for dental bonding is made up of composite resin, which is the same material used for fillings. While most patients are eligible for dental bonding in Tampa, FL, we will assess your oral cavity before starting treatment. Bonding is especially useful for front teeth or teeth that are visible when you smile.

Dental bonding is ideal for teeth that have sustained mild to moderate damage. If your tooth has been severely decayed or damaged, West Bay Dental may recommend other solutions like crowns, bridges, or implants. We will help you choose a color that closely matches the rest of your dental arch. Once bonding treatment is complete, your smile will appear more attractive and pleasing.


Dental bonding can be either direct or indirect. Direct and indirect dental bonding is done using a putty-like plastic paste made of composite resin.


Direct dental bonding restores the natural look, shape, and structure of your teeth in a single appointment at Westbay Dental. We will etch the tooth and apply a conditioning gel.


Indirect dental bonding requires two visits to complete. West Bay Dental will take precise impressions and send the impressions to an off-site dental lab. Composite resin molds are strong and durable as they are fabricated under high heat. Our trained dentist in Tampa, FL, will cement the mold on your tooth during the second appointment.

After dental bonding treatment, you should avoid smoking and consuming staining foods like red wine, soy sauce, tea, and coffee. Patients should also avoid chewing hard foods like nuts and ice-cubes.

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