Dental Bridges

Dental bridges at Westbay Dental are an aesthetic-looking and durable solution to replace missing teeth. While bridges are a versatile dental restoration, they are not the only option.

We may lose teeth due to several reasons like natural aging, decay, gum disease, or trauma. Our experienced dentist near you provides an extensive range of corrective solutions, including crowns and bridges in Tampa, FL.

Why Replace Missing Teeth

Dealing with an incomplete smile or lost teeth can be a disheartening and embarrassing experience. However, missing teeth not only lead to aesthetic drawbacks, but they can also cause several functional problems.

Loss of Bone

When a tooth goes missing, the bone begins to deteriorate as there are no tooth roots to stimulate growth. The thinning jawbone can cause your facial structure to sag and make you appear older.

West Bay Dental makes a detailed oral assessment before helping you determine the most suitable prosthetic for your needs.

Shifting of Teeth

Over time, if left untreated, a gap in the dental arch can result in rotation or shifting of adjacent teeth. The teeth slowly lean into the gap and impact your bite. For example, the lower jaw becomes narrower, and the teeth in the upper jaw may become more crowded.

The gap created by missing teeth traps food debris and becomes a site for potential decay and gum disease. It’s best to get missing teeth replaced at the earliest.

Even a single missing tooth can cause many problems. Whether you’re looking to reinstate one or more teeth, please call our skilled dentist in Tampa, FL for bridges near you.

What You Should Know About Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are fixed prosthetics that only West Bay Dental can place or remove. Bridges are long-lasting prosthetics, and you can extend their lifespan by following good hygiene practices. The natural teeth anchoring the dental bridge may develop decay.

In this case, our trained dentist at Westbay Dental may need to remove the bridge, treat the decay before replacing the bridge in place. We will examine the dental bridge for fit, comfort, cracks, or damage during routine check-ups.

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