Periodontal Treatment

You may have been told by our dentist that you have pockets in your gums, and you were given a specific millimeter measurement of them. This is an indication you have gum disease. It occurs when bacteria irritate your gums and continues to invade underneath your gum line. Although improving your at-home dental care can help, this isn’t enough to manage it.

At Westbay Dental, we offer periodontal treatment in Tampa, FL. Although the infection isn’t reversible in the later stages, it’s manageable through proper dental hygiene and certain dental procedures.


The first part of periodontal treatment near you consists of our dentist analyzing the health of your mouth visually. Often, you have noticeable signs of gum disease. Additionally, our dentist will conduct an X-ray to view the structure of your jaw and evaluate it for damage. Based on your exam, our dentist can assess how severe your periodontal disease is and determine a treatment approach best suited for your needs.


Generally, all periodontal treatment near you begins with scaling and planing. This procedure cleans plaque at and below your gum line. The scaling consists of our practitioner using an ultrasonic device to remove tartar and bacteria. The planning is a periodontal treatment near you that helps reattach your gums to your teeth. During this treatment, our dentist smooths the roots of your teeth. Our dentist may use antibiotic gels or a rinse to further remove the bacteria from your teeth.

If you have extensive damage to your gums or jaws, our dentist may recommend you undergo oral surgery. For instance, you may undergo a surgery that helps a specialist gain better access to the root of your tooth. You could also need a gum or bone graft to repair the damage. These procedures must be performed by a periodontist, who our practitioner can provide referrals for.


Our dentist realizes gum disease is a serious problem that can lead to complications. For that reason, our practitioner encourages patients to seek out dental care. Additionally, our dentist takes a customized approach to your situation. Our practitioner and the rest of our staff believe in the power of prevention and take the necessary steps to help you prevent gum disease or hinder it from worsening.

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