Preventive Dentistry

Regular preventive dental care is the best way to avoid future complications and oral health problems. To learn more about how West Bay Dental can help you maintain your teeth and gums, please book an appointment at Westbay Dental today.

For the best results, please make it a point to visit a trained dentist near you for a detailed checkup.


Twice-yearly dental exams can help highlight problems with your teeth and gums so you can obtain timely intervention.

Some essential benefits of preventive dentistry in Tampa, FL, include:

  1. Lowered risks of developing gum disease, decay, or abscesses
  2. Early detection of problems which reduces complications, expenses, and risks
  3. Timely identification of systemic diseases like arthritis, lupus, and diabetes
  4. Education and information regarding good oral hygiene habits and a healthy diet

Instead of visiting the dentist only when you have a problem, it’s best to schedule regular appointments at Westbay Dental every six months.


Preventive dentistry treatments include in-office and at-home care for children and adults. Some common preventive dental care solutions include:

Exams and Cleanings: West Bay Dental will first conduct a detailed examination of your teeth, gums, oral cavity, face, and neck. If required, we will take diagnostic x-rays to help pinpoint the nature, extent, and location of a problem before we administer treatment.

Sealants: We apply sealant on children’s premolars and molars to decrease the risks of decay and caries.

Fluoride Treatment: Our skilled dentist in Tampa, FL, applies pleasant-tasting fluoride varnish carefully to strengthen tooth enamel.

Dental Cleaning: Our trained hygienist will clean your teeth thoroughly to remove cavity-causing tartar and calculus from between the teeth and close to the gum line.

Preventive Tooth Extraction: West Bay Dental may perform a preventive extraction to correct an overcrowded dentition.

Space Maintainers: If your child has experienced a premature loss of baby teeth, our dentist may place space maintainers to aid the eruption of permanent teeth.

Please do not hesitate to contact Westbay Dental for preventive dentistry solutions near you.

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