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If your teeth are stained, misshapen, or crooked, you may spend a lot of time doing everything you can to hide your imperfections. But when it comes to correcting your smile flaws, you have many options. Dedicated to helping her patients feel and look their best, Alka Tiwary, DDS, at WestBay Dental specializes in cosmetic dentistry and can design a plan to improve the appearance of your teeth and smile. Call the office in Tampa, Florida, or use the online booking button to schedule your consultation today.

Cosmetic Dentistry Q & A

What is cosmetic dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry is a dental specialty focused on helping improve the appearance of your smile. Whether from aging, an injury, or genetics, you may be less than happy with the shape, color, or placement of your teeth, which can affect your self-esteem and self-confidence. But with advances in dental care, you don’t have to live with your less-than-perfect smile.

What are cosmetic dentistry treatments?

Dr. Tiwary is a cosmetic dental specialist and offers many treatment options to help you get the smile you want. Some of the most popular treatments include:

Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is one of the most popular and simplest cosmetic dental treatments. At WestBay Dental, Dr. Tiwary uses the Philips Zoom! teeth-whitening system, which can make your teeth up to eight shades brighter after one treatment. 


Veneers are thin tooth-colored shells that Dr. Tiwary bonds to your teeth to cover up many smile flaws. She uses veneers to fix crooked, gapped, and misshapen teeth. Veneers also cover up tooth discolorations that can’t be improved with teeth-whitening treatments.

Crowns and bridges

Cosmetic dentistry isn’t limited to the appearance of your teeth, but also includes restorative treatments such as dental crowns and bridges. A dental crown, also known as a cap, is used to cover up and protect a cracked or chipped tooth. 

Bridges are used to help fill in the gaps created by missing teeth, which not only improves your smile, but also chewing and speech. Your bridge may also prevent movement of your other teeth and further tooth loss.

Injectable treatments

Dr. Tiwary also offers cosmetic treatments, including Botox® and Juvéderm®, which are injections that reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles. 

What can I expect during a cosmetic dentistry consultation?

Dr. Tiwary takes a patient-centered approach to care and treats each of her patients like they’re a member of her own family. During your cosmetic dentistry consultation, she asks detailed questions about your concerns. She then conducts an oral exam, which may include dental X-rays.

After your examination, Dr. Tiwary reviews your cosmetic dental treatment options to help you get the smile you’ve always wanted.

To schedule your cosmetic dentistry consultation, call WestBay Dental or request an appointment online today.