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Crowns and bridges serve as permanent solutions for broken, decayed, or missing teeth. At WestBay Dental in Tampa, Florida, experienced dental expert Alka Tiwary, DDS, offers many dental treatments to restore your smile, including the placement of crowns and bridges. For a consultation, call the office or click the online booking tool today.

Crowns and Bridges Q & A

What are crowns and bridges?

Crowns and bridges are permanent restorative dental devices. Dr. Tiwary cements your crown or bridge to your existing teeth so they look and function just like your natural teeth to improve your smile, eating, and speaking. Your crown or bridge can only be removed by Dr. Tiwary and may be preferred over dentures. 

Why would I need a crown?

There are many reasons Dr. Tiwary may recommend the placement of a crown. Also referred to as a cap, a crown is placed over your tooth and may be recommended to:

  • Strengthen a weak tooth
  • Restore a broken tooth
  • Cover your misshapen or discolored tooth
  • Complete your dental implant

Crowns are also needed after a root canal or if you had a large cavity that can’t be fixed with a simple filling. Dr. Tiwary also uses crowns as an anchor for the placement of your bridge.

Why would I need a bridge?

You may benefit from a bridge if you’re missing teeth and are searching for a more permanent solution to restore your smile. A bridge includes two or more crowns that Dr. Tiwary cements to your permanent teeth to fill in your gap.

In addition to restoring your smile, your bridge also helps keep your other teeth in place. When you lose a tooth, the surrounding teeth may shift and loosen, which may lead to further tooth loss. 

What can I expect during crown and bridge placement?

Because your oral health needs are unique to you, placement of your crown or bridge may differ from other patients. Dr. Tiwary explains in detail what you can expect when getting a crown or bridge, including how to prepare, the specifics of the dental procedure, and the amount of time needed for placement of your permanent crown or bridge.

Though every patient’s experience is different, the placement of your crown or bridge may require more than one visit to the office. Dr. Tiwary has your crown or bridge custom made to fit your tooth and match your natural teeth.

After she’s properly prepared your tooth for placement of your crown, she takes a mold of your tooth that’s used to create your crown. A temporary crown or bridge is used until your permanent restoration is ready. Once your permanent device is ready, Dr. Tiwary has you return to the office so she can cement the device in place.

Crowns and bridges not only restore your smile, but they also improve your oral health. For expert dental care from a dentist who treats you like family, call WestBay Dental or book an appointment online today.